If the Democrats do not find a way to reach the rural, white voter, they will lose in 4 years.

A sentiment that has been repeated often, lately is that the Democrats need to reach out to the ___________. Perhaps it was said that they need to reach out to the conservative voter or to rural America or to middle America, but you get the idea. The problem they say, is that the Democrats are elitist and their policies, their strategies and their overall mission statement overtly ignore the concerns and needs of the typical conservative voter.

The Democrats find this concerning because their mission is to include everyone and to help all the people achieve their fullest potential and so with total sincerity they try one more time, to reach out to the ever elusive conservative voting block.

The Democrats try, one more time and they will fail as they always do. And the reason why they will fail is because they will reach out to the conservative voter using language, messaging and style that is designed to appeal to the liberals. In order for the Democrats to reach those who are not naturally inclined toward the Democratic party, the Democrats need to change their tone.

Here are a few examples:

Rather than building a bill to push through congress that is geared toward protecting the environment, change the narrative to one that is geared towards creating manufacturing jobs (in the green sector). Build into the bill training for trades (a large portion of which will be earmarked for the clean energy industry). Pay for the bill by removing tax subsidies for the fossil fuel companies.

Instead of raising taxes (on corporations), reduce corporate welfare and close tax loopholes.

Don’t ‘Defund the Police,’ because that is a slogan that is designed to please a very small segment of the population: the portion that is both suspicious of the police and feels safe on their front steps. Instead, expand the police mission to include social welfare (that will be handled by a different department). Once you recognize that a phone call to 911 does not bring the police, fire department and ambulance because the operator chooses which department is best suited to answer the call, then you will also realize that adding one more department to which a call can be directed is a minor alteration.

In order for the Democrats to reach an audience that they have offended or bullied or shamed, they must change their tone. They need to speak a language that will be understood and send a message that will be welcomed.

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