Men are of Mars, Women are of Venus? WTF!

Call me ignorant, but I just learned that the symbol that are used to represent man and woman (the circle with an arrow at an angle or the circle with a cross at the top) are used to represent the planets Mars and Venus. So, the idea that men and women are associated with the planets and of course, the Roman Gods is fairly old. But why those Gods?!?

Is it man’s primary identity to be associated with war? and not even the cerebral, strategic side of war, but the violent, killing side of making war. Women and all about love? that’s it? These two gods were not the most powerful, nor the most popular (as far as I know). Apparently, they were considered the best representations of man and woman.

How sad.

Consider all the other gods that could have been chosen from the Pantheon to represent man and woman.

For Men:

Vulcan – He makes stuff. Really cool shit that no one has ever seen before.

Mercury – God of commerce.

Neptune – God the sea and fresh water.

Jupiter – God of the sky and thunder. Sorta useless, but he did have lots of children.

For Women:

Diana – Goddess of the hunt, of the Moon and childbirth

Minerva – Goddess of wisdom, the crafts and strategic planning

Ceres – Goddess of fertility and cultivation

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