There are 2 possible scenarios, either Trump knows Parnas or he doesn’t. Both are big problems. Allow me to explain.

The audio below appears to indicate that Lev Parnas told President Trump that the US ambassador to the Ukraine is not loyal to Trump and Trump states that emphatically to get rid of her.

Scenario 1: Trump does not know Lev Parnas.

And let’s be clear that this is the scenario that Trump is claiming to be the truth. He has repeatedly stated that he does not know the man. So, this guy that Trump does not know is attending an exclusive meal with the President of the United States. This guy that Trump does not know is telling people at the table, including the President of the United States that the US Ambassador to the Ukraine is not loyal to Trump. Trump’s immediate response is that she should be removed from her position.

If this scenario is accurate, he is taking the word of a complete stranger without verification or proof and deciding a person’s fate.

Scenario 2: Trump knows Lev Parnas

Given Trump’s propensity for lying and the type of work Parnas was doing who he was working with, this is the more likely scenario. Some guy, with no political or diplomatic experience, with no security clearances or vetting by the US Government is claiming that a person is not loyal to Trump. What we all know about the man (Trump) is that he demands absolute loyalty and so this is the quickest way to turn Trump against a person. The obvious conclusion occurs, Trump states that she should be removed.

The reason why this scenario is a problem for Trump is that he has claimed repeatedly that he does not know Lev Parnas, which is looking more and more like a lie. The reason why knowing Lev Parnas is problematic for Trump is that Parnas was doing some shady and illegal stuff and that could implicate Trump in his activities. Trump is trying to create distance between himself and those activities of Parnas, but that is not working out so well because Parnas keeps coming up with evidence that they were in frequent contact. In fact, it appears that Trump will remove a US Ambassador based on the word of Parnas.

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