Old concepts and new words

Kellyanne Conway, the counsellor to President Trump defended the very first White House press conference by the Press Secretary who accused the press corp of distorting the truth by showing a sparsely attended inauguration. The press secretary, Sean Spicer offered verifiable numbers:  He referenced the number of people that used the Washington D.C. mass transit at the 2009 inauguartion and the one a few days ago. But, he lied, the numbers he gave were inaccurate. She claimed that the press secretary was giving ‘alternative facts.’ This implies that it is possible for 2 different things to be true at the same time. That it can be both raining and sunny (it can, but it must be in 2 different locations). That it can be both night and day (dusk and dawn are poetic, not scientific terms).

There is no such thing as an alternative fact. It is either right or wrong. True or false.

In the same vein, fake news is propoganda. Some will argue that propoganda is created by governments for political ends. I would argue that this definition was true when private citizens and corporations did not have access to the public as they do now with the internet and social media. The definition has evolved with the methods of mass communication.

source: Kellyanne Conway’s interview

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