What is this?

The idea behind the site, b-advised.com is that everyone has a story and there are a bunch of people that would enjoy hearing it. So upload your audio or video file and share it with the world!

Who posts stories here?

Anyone does and everyone can. You do not need to be a professional story-teller. You do not need to have a monumental event in your life. You do not need to be famous or exceptional in any way. Some of the most interesting stories are slice-of-normal-life type events that have a unique perspective or insight.

Do I need an account?

No. And Yes.

No - To listen to or watch people's stories, you do not need an account.

Yes - To comment on a story then yes, you will need an account

Yes - to create a follow-list, to follow particular stories or story-tellers, you will need an account.

Yes - to share your own story.